Comparing masks to Holocaust disrespectful

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Dear Editor,

Recently, a letter was published which compared mandatory vaccinations and masks to the Holocaust.

According to the Holocaust Memorial Museum website, during the Holocaust, over six million Jews perished; and this isn’t even including the other persecuted groups. Many of the people killed in the Holocaust died in the camps of diseases that would have otherwise been easily prevented. According to the Center of Disease Control, the United States has surpassed 40 million Covid cases- many of which could have been prevented through vaccinations and masks.

To compare being forced to wear a mask and get vaccinated, for the sake of protecting your fellow man, to the Holocaust, is absolutely nothing short of disrespectful, and shows an appalling lack of education and tact. Not to mention, your blatant antisemitism is showing. You are not oppressed for being made to get vaccinated or wear a mask- you are lucky, to not be dying of a preventable disease, as so many did during the Holocaust.


We as a society are better than this.

Holly Disch