America’s message: Anybody but the Democrats

Thursday, June 20, 2019

America’s message: Anybody but the Democrats

Dear Editor,

We who love America and follow what is ACTUALLY going on under the Trump administration encourage all you Democrat Trump haters to actually look at the really GREAT things that have been accomplished so far in America. Look at our growth, GDP, low unemployment, etc. etc. There are now more jobs than there are qualified workers to fill them. When is the last time you saw that happen in America.?

Certainly not under the lying, cheating Obama, Clinton, Biden administration. We would list the number of lies Democrats tell, but since they lie continuously, every single day, there are just far too many to even begin to count, Mr Mischel. Clinton and the DNC paid for the phony dossier. Wait until the real truth comes out from the Department of Justice Office, the Attorneys and Investigators!

Since the house has been taken over by Democrats, what have they done to help the people of America? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They are concerned with their own wealth and their need to be in POWER. They care nothing about the real people who do the hard, tough, dirty jobs they themselves would never do.

For those of us who want to see American grow and prosper, we watch with disgust every day as the Democrats, lie and resist. If they were to work together with the President and the other parties, instead of against him and those whom we voted for, we could see America come back to being the greatest country we have ever had and more.

Actually look at both sides and educate yourselves and then decide who is really working for the people and who is just spewing garbage, hate and persistence. Don’t just sit back and believe all the lies on those liberal fake news television stations and newspapers. Don’t pay attention to the nasty cartoons in the Ranger Review and Billings Gazette, and their biased opinion writers they feature. Don’t just look at the biased side. Remember there are always two sides.

We pray, God help us all if we go to being Democrat and Socialist.


Stephen and Rita Berube