Attend wind energy meeting

Attend wind energy meeting

Dear Editor:

The Dawson County Commissioners will have a big decision to make at their next meeting, concerning Upper Badlands Wind Development, LLC’s application for New or Expanding Industry Property tax reduction. On the table is $50,000,000 property tax due to Dawson County, over the first ten years of the 89 turbine/ 320.4 megawatt capacity wind farm in western Dawson County.

As taxpayer’s we need to take the time and review the application that has been made by Upper Badlands, and then contact our County Commissioners and ask them to make a smart choice for the taxpayers of Dawson County. *Copies of the tax reduction application are available at the Clerk and Recorders Office upon request, or at the Glendive Public Library.

The estimated valuation and tax reduction numbers, contained in the application are: The final cost value of $392,000,000-based on Upper Badlands LLC’s estimate. A ten year projected tax payment of $50,026,099, or $5,551,086 in year 2021, to $4,213.102 in year 2030. This is the normal Class 14 Property Rate coupled with 20 year depreciation schedule as estimated by Montana Department of Revenue. It should be noted the applicant’s depreciation table goes from 97% good in 2021 to 20% good in 2040. If the commissioners grant the applicant request of a 75% reduction over ten years the taxpayer will give up $21,682,310 to collect $28,243,788. A yearly average would be giving up $2,268,331 to collect $2,843,378. With a 50% reduction over 10 years, the tax payer will give up $14,454,873 to collect $35,571,225. A 50% yearly average reduction in taxes would result in giving up $1,545,256 yearly average.

Some important issues and questions that were raised at the last commissioners meeting, and not answered are: Who are the investors that will benefit from the tax reduction? Upper Badlands publically said “they are from Denmark”. Administrative Rules of Montana 42.19 1222(h) requires a complete list of officers, directors, trustees, stockholders, investors, partners, managers, or others have control in, or substantial interest in the new industrial endeavor, together with the current address of each such person, firm, or corporation. Will there be a percentage of local workers required for the project? Will the investors claim part of the billions of us tax offered to wind generation in the form of Production Tax Credits? Upper Badlands Wind Development, LLC will host a public information meeting Thursday April 26th 6-8pm at the DCC Ullman Center, please attend.


Pat Mischel