Authorities release more details about recent deaths

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Additional details have emerged in the deaths of two Glendive-area residents, as County Coroner Tyler Silha released the names of two deceased persons, one involved in a house fire in rural Glendive on June 19, and the other in an unknown incident in Glendive on June 28.

David Alan Smith, 65 years old, was killed from a self-inflicted gunshot wound during an event in which he set fire to his residence, according to Silha and Dawson County Sheriff Ross Canen.

Both Silha and Canen said that the cause of death was the gunshot wound, and that the fire at the residence did not play a part in the death.

Canen also said that while the fire lit by Smith could have ignited gas within the residence, the structure did not exhibit signs of an explosion, and that an outward blast during the fire would only be related the force of the fire and gas moving outward.

In additional news, a twoyear-old child was pronounced dead in Billings on June 28, with Silha and Canen confirming the identity of the child as that of Caleb Hopkins of Glendive. Both Silha and Canen stated that the investigation into the cause of death is still ongoing, and the details will be released as they are made available.

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