Bidding using other people’s money

Thursday, May 9, 2019
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Conservative views

Because mixed-animal veterinarians provide medical services at market prices, we must be frugal when equipping our hospitals. Also, unlike our counterparts who only treat the hairless primate called humans, rural critter doctors need a variety of specialty tools unique to each species. Horse doctors have little use for a Frick’s speculum or an Iowa hog holder, while pig practitioners only need an equine nasogastric tube to siphon gas from their ambulatory truck for their lawn mower.

Decades back, Yellowstone County auctioned off excess items from an outdated, civil-defense, medical clinic; equipment I could adapt for my veterinary hospital. Surgical packs from the 1950s would be as functional today as they were the day they were manufactured. I was giddy thinking of my good fortune and expected to equip my clinic for pennies on the dollar. However, I found the fairground exhibit hall stuffed with veterinarians from eastern Montana and northern Wyoming. So much for Plan A.

Midway through the sale, I was yet to score, when a three-gallon stainless steel bucket made its way to the podium. I was determined to not get skunked, but before I could bid, the price shot through $50 on its way to $65. Apparently, the hall contained at least two veterinarians unaware MWI Veterinary Supply sold the same buckets new for $25. Such is auction fever; a disorder occurring when afflicted bidders ignore value to only focus on winning. Imagine the overlyinflated price created when auction-fever afflicts politicians. Cost is no object when bidders have no skin in the game. Here is proof.

At the auction to steer our republic, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) opened the climate change bidding when she declared mankind would perish in 12 years if America did not immediately abandon liberty and embrace socialism. Youngsters believe history began the day they were born and because AOC was birthed in 1989, she and her minions accept climate change indoctrination without question. Ignorance is bliss.

On April 29, famous trustfunder Irishman turned Hispanic, Beto O’Rourke frantically waved his buyer’s number and declared unless America surrendered to socialism the earth will end in 10 years. The crowd went wild. Joe Biden tried to seize the lead by bidding “8 years” but while fumbling to find his buyer number he accidently groped the girl in front of him. This brings me to my point.

Progressives bid using other people’s money so are immune to the unsustainable cost of a bad buy. The cost of charity from the ruling class is always born by the little people, so run the numbers before you vote.

Krayton Kerns is veterinarian in Laurel, Mont., and a former Republican representative in the Montana State Legislature. He can be reached at .