Businesses continue to make improvements

Thursday, December 6, 2018
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Many local businesses have remodeled and made improvements to the exteriors and interioers of their facilities in the past two years. Two of the those are American Banks, left, and Auto Value (formerly Hedahl’s), below

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This year has proven to be a pretty productive time for local businesses as many of them have worked to give their locations some major facelifts for a multitude of reasons.

While these improvements are happening all over town, a big portion of these changes have been happening in the area around The Jordan, a fitting symbol that the town continues to improve despite the large building that continues to rot in place.

The southside has also shown to be a hub of improvement. The South Side Tavern has a fresh coat of paint, the Kirke Kollective has seen their popularity grow to the point that they are a common household name, L’Amour des Desserts opened their doors in the neighborhood for the first time (and Tailgaters has moved in with them for the winter) and Salon Bliss moved into the same building as the Kirke Kollective, recovering after having lost their original location to fire.

Some business make overs have been highly visible, as both the Beer Jug and Reynolds Market have made headlines this year with their remodel efforts. Beer Jug, of course, had to rebuild after being gutted by a fire last year (which also caused smoke damage to Salon Bliss’s original location) and Reynolds remodeled in an effort to stay competitive in the grocery industry.

Bill Walley, vice-president of Reynolds, said in an interview with the Ranger earlier this year that remodeling the Reynolds in Glendive was a top priority for him when he joined the Reynolds team, saying a store has to improve to stay relevant. Specifically, Walley noted that most customers these days are looking for quick meal solutions.

“Individuals want fresh and they want now. We’re finding that shoppers have more of a need for quick meal solutions. Mom gets off work, dad is just getting off work, the last thing they want to do is walk home and spend several hours trying to make a meal,” Walley said earlier this year.

Both businesses now feature almost entirely new assets, including upgraded equipment and more updated aesthetics, from their front doors to the back wall.

Those two business aren’t alone in their commitment to Glendive, as over the past couple of years there are other businesses who have proven their worth by either expanding, remodeling or both.

While the list can go on and on, here are a few of the recent improvements about town:

Along with Salon Bliss, places such as The Vint have moved into new locations and updated and expanded their services. Salon Bliss used their move as an opportunity to change their style, aiming for a more modern-classical atmosphere at their new location. The Vint, meanwhile, expanded their available merchandise.

Other businesses have almost been completely reborn, whether it be due to a change in ownership or, like Reynolds, a need to stay relevant.

ER Car Wash got a new co-owner, Richard Chaska, who brought the opportunity to improve with him. The business has now become a fully automated car wash and is open 24/7.

Hedahls (now known as Auto Value), American Bank Center and Country Girl Clay are also some of the businesses that have given their locations some love and attention.

Amanda Heimbuch, owner of Country Girl Clay on Merrill Avenue, said that she has already made several improvements to her store and has even more changes still planned, saying the improvements have come because of the increase in interest in her services.

“As more people have been finding my business, there’s been a need to improve,” Heimbuch said.

Along with a newly painted front, Heimbuch explained she planned to add an actual classroom space to her upstairs to accommodate the increased interest in her different classes. She will also be adding new signs in the next couple of months.

The need to improve, new ownership and the new name, also drove Auto Value to give themselves a fairly significant face-lift as well. According to store manager Curt Knudson, with a new company owner, it was the perfect time to redecorate.

“I think all of our customers, old and new, have really enjoyed the new look and kind of made a new place out of an old place,” Knudson said.

The entire store has been repainted and new front windows and new signs have been installed. The merchandise was also reorganized and new stock was added. All of the interior lights have been changed to more efficient LED lighting and new flooring and new counters were also installed.

The changes American Bank Center made are also significant. According to manager Jarrod Steffan, American Bank wanted to give itself a more modern look, but also keep in touch with the history of the bank.

“That’s why we incorporated the rock, we left most of the rock on the building,” Steffan said.

Aside from the decorative rock, the outside of the building received a complete facelift. A new lighting system was installed, allowing for better lighting in their drivethrough tunnel and added decorative lighting to the outside.

The inside of the bank was also drastically changed to fit the changes that Steffan noted were happening in the overall banking industry. The traditional teller line has been replaced with pod stations that are equally accessible from either entrance of the building.

The technology in the building was upgraded as well, providing bank employees with a new computer system.

The bank’s remodel was finished shortly before the fire that destroyed the Beer Jug, but besides a smoke smell that lasted for a few days, there was no damage.

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