C-PACE is a win for all

Sunday, March 24, 2019

C-PACE is a win for all

Letter to the Editor:

How many Montanans does it take to change a lightbulb? Answer: It takes Commercial PACE!

Many businesses are in old and inefficient buildings that need upgrades.

Though these upgrades typically save property owners more money than they cost, affording the upfront costs is a huge challenge for many. Commercial PACE can fix all that.

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy, or C-PACE for short, is an innovative solution that helps Montanans save money, conserve energy, and create jobs. C-PACE allows building owners to get 100 percent upfront financing for upgrades like LED lighting, new HVAC systems, better insulation, solar installations, and more! Property owners then pay back the cost of these upgrades as an assessment on their property tax bill. Best of all, it requires zero public dollars.

Property owners across the country are using C-PACE because it makes their buildings more valuable. When property owners can afford these upgrades, that means more work for folks providing the upgrades – contractors, installers, manufacturers.

Montanans of all walks of life want to see C-PACE in Montana. Why? It’s a solution that will save hardworking Montanans money, create good-paying local jobs, drive economic development, and keep our communities alive with character.

C-PACE is a win for all! Help bring this innovative program to Montana by telling our representatives to support Senate Bill 245.

Contact Rep. Alan Doane at

(406) 583-7546 or alandoane@midrivers.com, and Sen. Steve Hinebauch at (406) 365-7967 or steve.hinebauch@mtleg.gov.

To learn more about C-PACE and the PACE Jobs Coalition, go to mtpace.com.

Lonnie and Justin Cross