Citizens need to unite for the common good

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Citizens need to unite for the common good

Dear Editor,

Would you allow someone to trespass onto your property, barge into your home, tell you they are moving in and you have to provide for their every need, and you can do nothing about it?

This is taking place at our southern border. Unvetted migrants have been duped into believing they are guaranteed admittance to this country even though they are not legal citizens, and we have to take them in. Few if any have been vetted or proven the need for asylum, yet this does not seem to be an issue. The concern for the caravan is the filthy conditions, disease and lack of provisions. The crime for their being here does not fall to the migrants, but falls on the shoulders of those who organized and support this fiasco.

The US gives billion of dollars yearly to these countries, our taxes pay to improve economic and social conditions, yet the money never reaches those in need. Would it not make more sense to work with the countries to improve the conditions, education and job opportunities that would allow migrants to stay in their own country? How many more uneducated, poor immigrants can this country support?

Many around the world and in the US harbor a deep hatred for President Trump and his policies. Social media has given a voice to the evil and cruelty of man. The flip side of love is not hate, it is indifference. Indifference allowes you to walk away from disappointment and disapproval. Hate bonds you to the object of your distain and contempt, indefinitely. Hatred and division in society are destroying our Constutional Republic, and if allowed to grow and fester will destroy us all.

Now more than ever, we need to unite for a common good. We need to set aside our diferences and agree to compromise for the benefit of all humanity.


Marian Keller