Confusing the truth and lies

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Confusing the truth and lies

Dear Editor,

A slice of society will always become malcontents, rebels and malicious malfactors. Hate and lies have become the fashion, and those who are naive and gullible will fall victim to the hype and drama. There will always be a charasmatic charmer, a charlatan with the gift of gab and persuasion who talks a good game, yet who lacks the facts to back them up, who steps to the forefront. Alexandria Orcasio Cortez is such a person. This darling of the Democratic Socialist movement has all the charm of a cult leader, who leads her flock into the jungle for a sip of doomsday coolade. Her innocent big eyed look, the babyish voice and childlike demeanor has so mesmerized her admirers that they fail to recognize the warning signs as they will willingly follow her to their demise.

Democrats Schiff, Swalwell and Nadler have easily slipped into the persona of their party mascot. This ghoulish trio are attempting to dig up old bones in order to reserect the remains of the Mueller probe, which has yet to be fully released. When did truth become lies, and lies become the truth? These miscreants have tried for months to pass legislation to protect the probe from shutdown by Trump. Now that a portion has been released that exeronates Trump from both collusion and obstruction, they deem it bogus and call Mueller a liar and refuse to let go. I see no forthcoming apology from Democrats, deep state haters, mainstream media or those who spread lies like so much manure across a field. Or from those who believed them.

The Americana Dream has become a Stephen King nightmare. Countries who once held the US in esteem and respect now laugh at our lack of control and decorum. Is this the future you wish for your country? I sincerely hope not.


Marian Keller