Cook is right for the PSC

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Cook is right for the PSC

Dear Editor:

As election season approaches, it becomes very important that we understand the candidates who are running for elected positions. In our exuberance to support our favorite Congressman or Senator, the race for Public Service Commissioner is often overlooked. This is a mistake because Public Service Commissioners routinely make the decisions that most directly affect our monthly bills.

In order to properly do the job, a Commissioner must understand taxation, finance, property valuation, and how to negotiate with a frequently contentious legislature. Analysis of utility rates is complex and without these skills ratepayers risk a commissioner who, at best is ineffective, or at worst becomes a pawn to outside influences.

Representative Rob Cook is a mechanical engineer who has owned and operated a manufacturing plant in Montana for nearly twenty years. I have had the pleasure of working with him for many of those years and I have witnessed firsthand his terrific understanding of budgets, taxation, property valuation, as well as, his ability to obtain legislative solutions to complex problems. In comparison, his opponents possess none of these skills.

Please join me in supporting the best candidate for this seat by voting for Rob Cook for Commissioner in PSC District #1.

Tami Christensen