Dawson County 4-H entries 2018

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Vesper Undem with her market lamb, Joker.

Wesley Doss with his horse, Tyke.

Carson Quinn working on one of his welding projects.

Muddy Boots
Kelty Raciborski-Stroh with her market goat, Indy.

Tyler Nentwig with his pullet, Daisy.

Keely Undem with her market steer, Lincoln.

Crumbs & Sawdust

Connely Hoagland with his ewe, Bee Sensational. Connely won Reserve Champion Ewe at the Muddy Boots Jackpot and Champion Hampshire Ewe at the Badlands Classic Jackpot in Bowman, N.D.

Tori Engle with her Golden Retriever, Bella. They will be in showmanship and obedience.

Tiawna Kinn with her horse, Jake. They will be in Western Showmanship.

Emily Nentwig with her breeding Belle.

Buffalo Rapids

Roman Tuma, age 9, with his cat, Ivan. His projects this year are Cat Showmanship (2nd year) and Woodworking (1st year).

Muddy Boots

Kelty Raciborski-Stroh with her market steer, Mr. Bones. Kelty is a Dawson County Ambassador.

Tayla Undem with her market hog, King Julian.

Addie Quinn and Carson Quinn with their market goats.

Wesley Doss with his lamb, Bleu.

Daisies & Diggers

Daisies & Diggers horse members attended the Black Hill Stock Show horse events.

Casey Zeimer with his horse, Angel.

Dawson County rabbit members Corinne Canen (far left) and Mackenzie Duede (far right) showing their rabbits at the Miles City Small Animal Day on July 25.

Crumbs & Sawdust

Connley Hoagland with his ewe, Crystal.

Corinne Canen with her market lamb, Maui.

Crumbs & Sawdust

Kasidi Walker with her steer, Pete.

Muddy Boots

Kelty Raciborski-Stroh with her market hogs.

Addie Quinn with her Aberdeen market steer at the June Clipping and Showmanship Clinic.

Tyler Nentwig with his breeding gilt, Oreo.

Vesper Undem with her market hog, Moto Moto

Alexis Canen helps Harper Thorson learn how to show a lamb at the county showmanship day.

Britta Brenner with her steer, Happy.

Kinsey Zeimer with her green horse, Gunner.

Harper Thorson with her orphan calf project, Angel.

Alexis Canen with her Red Angus heifer, Tippy.

Daisies & Diggers

Jeremiah Knight with his calf. Jeremiah is a Cloverbud.

Britta Brenner with her goat, Diva.

Crumbs & Sawdust

Lane Walker with his steer, Repeat.

Muddy Boots

Brody Stroh with his bottle calf, Pickles. Brody is a Cloverbud.

Clever Clovers

Koby Thomas Granmoe with his market lambs. Koby’s project list inluces: Aerospace, Leathercraft, Poultry, Dog Obedience, and Market Lambs.

Grace Thorson with her market steer, Mickey, and heifer, Moon.

Tori Engle working hard on one of the blankets she made for 4-H.

Koby Thomas Granmoe with his chicken.

Britta Brenner with her hogs, Turner and Hooch.

Tayla Undem with her market steer, Thunder.

Keely Undem has a pen of two market hogs, Georgia and Peach. (Peach was camera shy.)