Dawson County Democrats urge initiative support

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dawson County Democrats urge initiative support

Dear Editor:

There are four initiatives on the ballet this November. The Dawson County Democrats urge your support for all of them. Our rational is as follows.

Referendum LR-129 – LR129 forbids the wholesale collection of ballots by persons without a relationship to the voter, while continuing to permit a voter to ask a family or household member, a caretaker, or an acquaintance to collect and convey the ballot to the election office.

Initiative 185 – Raises taxes on all tobacco products, amends the definition to include e-cigarettes and vaping products, and dedicates funds. Treating tobacco related diseases costs Medicaid over $81 million each year. I-185 will save taxpayer dollars and ask tobacco corporations and smokers to pay their fair share. If you don’t smoke, you won’t pay.

Initiative 186 – Protects Montana’s rivers and streams and holds hard-rock mining companies accountable for cleaning up toxic water pollution from new mines. I-186 will keep Montana’s water clean, protect public health, private property rights, fish and wildlife, and our growing outdoor recreation economy.

Referendum LR-128 – Levy for continued support of the Montana University System. This is not a new tax and is not a tax increase. Access to education is key to increased opportunity and greater productivity and success for our children, families, businesses, communities and state. Without this levy our farms, ranches and businesses could lose out on important agricultural and technological research being done across the state.

Twylla M. McPherson

Dawson County Democrats