Dems offered no solutions

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Dems offered no solutions

Dear Editor,

Our value to society should never be dictated by the color of our skin, our gender or our ethnic heritage. In Gods eyes we are all equal. I know of no person who had the luxury to choose their ethnic makeup or genetics. We are who we are by accident of birth.

The ‘mean girls’ Squad in Congress have weaponized who they are in order to justify filthy language, antisemitic remarks, bigotry and hatred for white americans. Why have these four women been allowed as junior Senators to usurp the authority of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and seize control of the DNC? Why have they remained unchecked in their disrespect for Congress and the rule of law? It’s a travesty they have been allowed to spit in the eye of Martin Luther King and discredit his legacy to unite the races, not divide us and drive the country to irreparable damage and division

If Democrats are so passionate to impeach, why have they failed to take action? They threaten and castigate the President, yet fail to provide any concrete evidence of crimes committed.

Watching the most recent Democratic debates held all the excitement of waiting for a rock to move. Hopefuls lunged at each other, hurling insult and accusations, but offered no solutions to fix this country. There was no real agenda, just the same old hatred for all things Trump.

Business as usual for Democrats.


Marian Keller