Doane shares thoughts on votes

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Doane shares thoughts on votes

Dear Editor:

You have covered many of the issues on the ballot for the upcoming election. I have been getting lots of questions from voters about some of these issues, so I would like to offer my perspective. Unlike a bill that goes through the legislature, that can be amended and have the input of everyone, initiatives are written one sided and the only input the voters have is a yes or no option. I-185 has many problems, too numerous to mention all of them here. I-185 is an unfunded mandate that will leave a large gap for ALL taxpayers to have to fill. The Constitutionality of I-185 is also very suspect and should rightly be overturned if I-185 should be passed. Since voters only have a yes or no option I urge a NO vote on I-185. Let’s let the Legislature address Medicaid expansion in the next session where everyone can weigh in and have input. Moving on to I-186; This initiative, if passed, is going to make it nearly impossible for mining to continue in what we used to call the Treasure State. I-186 is an extreme solution, searching for a problem. Believe it or not, but miners like to drink clean water too. We have come a long ways from the early days of mining and some of the environmental hazards will rightfully not be repeated under our already existing protections. The gap in the budget from reduced mining revenue, coupled with our Montana Constitution’s balanced budget provision, will again put All taxpayers on the hook if I-186 passes. Once again, with one sided wording, written by extremists, the voters have a yes or no choice. I urge a NO vote on I-186. Moving on to LR-129; this is a solution to an actual problem. In many places in Montana, complete strangers, using readily available public information, are going door to door and asking to collect your absentee ballot. They call this “ballot harvesting”, this is not a secure way for something as important as your vote to be handled. LR-129 would ban this practice but still allow you to have a spouse, family member, trusted friend or postal service return your ballot for you if that is what you wish. I urge a YES vote on LR-129, the “Montana Ballot Interference Prevention Act”. I also would like to address Matt Rosendale as our next US Senator. I served two legislative sessions with Matt Rosendale. Matt is one of the hardest working, honest, result driven Senators that I have had the honor of serving with. I fully endorse Matt Rosendale as our U.S. Senator and hope that you will join me in voting for Matt.

Alan Doane

State Representative HD#36