Don’t let fee hurt air service

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Don’t let fee hurt air service

Dear Editor:

Wow, an increase of nearly 200 percent is substantial! I am not talking about what the airline charges people to fly. This is about what the county wants to charge Cape Air to store its airplanes here. This is our local airline that serves our community. If they receive such an increase in fees from Dawson County for their airplane storage, it may negatively impact those who use this service.

Personally, I have flown Cape Air many times. I have taken the flight to Billings and I am very thankful to have that service available, especially in the winter when driving can be hazardous. The flight works well for making connecting flights leaving from Billings. It also works great for doctor appointments, making it possible to take a morning flight and return on the evening flight.

The increase from $35 storage per plane per night to $100 is a large increase and may cause Cape Air to go elsewhere. Let’s not jeopardize having this service, but work with Cape Air for a solution. The residents of Dawson County and the surrounding area appreciate having the Cape Air service right here in our community.

Lilla Flesjer