An evil way of thinking

Sunday, February 10, 2019


Dear Editor:

It is not necessarily what appears to have happened that convicts a person, it is what they say in defence of the act that points to guilt.

Governor Northam of Virginia is case in point. When a photo surfaced from his college yearbook alledgedly showing he and another man in blackface and KKK robe, he immediately took claim to the racist insult, only to recant, then admit to an earlier incident. If that wasn’t telling enough of his character, he endorsed late term abortion, callously giving graphic detail of what happens during and after delivery.

What kind of physician guides a woman through nine months of a normal, full term pregnancy, then grills the new mother on whether or not she wishes the baby to live or die? Pregnant women go through a rollercoaster of emotion before, during and after giving birth. This heinous endorsement of legalized murder is a plague on society that every civilized person should abhor.

Should the Governor be forced to resign? That is a question for he, his conscience and his supporters to decide.

How many live have to be lost in order to satisfy Democrats and the liberal left? How long is this senseless affront on humanity, women and babies going to be allowed before enough is enough? Statisticans fret over the widening gap between birth and death rates and population decline. Democrats wish an influx of migrants to close the gap, yet they think nothing of the slaughter of our next generation. I don’t understand this aberrant insanity and evil way of thinking, and it frightens me to think this could possibly be our future.


Marian Keller