Fair board starts to set events for 2019

Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Dawson County Fair Board met for their monthly meeting in the basement of the Dawson County Court House on the night of Nov. 26 to discuss details of next summer’s fair event.

Among the ideas that were discussed were concert options, details for a pig wrestling event and what was still needed to bring a “Combine Crunch” derby to life.

Though the board does have ideas for what bands they would like to recruit, they have not yet settled on which acts to hire. The board believes that the bands they have in mind are of such a quality that they have asked that the names of the bands considered not be reported, for fear that other fairs may try to steal the bands away.

There is one band the board was the most focused on, feeling it would draw the biggest crowd to the fair. Board president Wade Nielsen said he liked this particular band because they could be a family friendly show and they’re popular enough that many people know their songs.

He also noted that the band’s sound was more “mellow,” something that might be appreciated to balance out past performances from bands such as Seether.

Fair manager Tacee DeSaye noted that the band would only cost about half of their concert budget, leaving enough to bring in another band.

The bands considered by the board ranged from country music to rock-n’-roll and from smaller acts to recognizable names.

The board also discussed other planned events such as a “Combine Crunch” demolition derby. This is something the board seemed to think would draw in a crowd, however they still have to gather more combines to actually put the event on.

The board members will continue searching for old combines to use, but should they not be able to find enough combines to put on a full event, the board keyed in on other events that could be used to supplement the combine crunch, including a “Trailer Race.”

The board decided to include a pig wrestling event on the first night of the fair. The event will include three to four-man teams and will be split into age categories. The board estimates that there could be upwards of 40 teams, giving the event a runtime of about three or four hours.

The board took inspiration for the event from similar events that have taken place in Wyoming. The board members noted that those events have drawn huge crowds before and expect that it’ll be just as popular here.

Other business discussed included changes to the perimeter fencing, reminders that membership renewals were coming up and grant opportunities that the board could take advantage of.

The next fair board meeting has been set for Dec. 17. It will begin at 7 p.m. in the courthouse basement.

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