Fate will settle the score

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Dear Editor,

Democrats want you to believe walls are immoral and medievel. They are not. Every building in the world has walls. Former President Obama’s first order of business after leaving office was a sixteen foot wall around his DC house. Nancy, Chuck and the swamp rats all hide behind walls. It’s ludicrous to believe they would live in a house without walls, protected only by a drone.

Democrats prefer electronic technology to guard the border. This is no big surprise. They are heavily invested in Silicon Valley and stand to make millions off installation, updating and repair. A permanent steel slat or concrete wall requires no maintenance once set into place. No money is to be made there. Electronics and drones are subject to damage and can be shot down by trafficers and gangs. The manufactured crisis has been perpetrated by Democrats who refuse to compromise or meet with the President to rectify the issue. Our safety and the sanctity of this country is meaningless to them. They much prefer to gain back government control.

I’m weary with those who dissect every spoken or written word, searching for something to be offended by. I’m incensed by those who jump to conclusion, and who spread gossip and lies with no proof, then never apologize when proven wrong. I have lost respect for those who launch filthy verbal attacks in order to humiliate, demean and discredit others, for no apparent reason.

Revenge is not sweet. It rots the vessel its kept in. It’s a bitter price to pay for those who harbor hatred and contempt, and who treat others badly. Sooner or later fate will settle the score for all who seek revenge. You reap what you sow.


Marian Keller