Fire district needed to keep fire protection

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fire district needed to keep fire protection

Dear Editor,

Caught in the middle and what to do? I am Randy Frank President of the West Glendive Fire Department and I would like to clear a few things up. The West Glendive Fire Department is currently under contract with Dawson County to provide fire protection until June 30, 2019 and we, the West Glendive Fire Department, will honor that contract. After June 30, 2019 if the Commissioners don’t sign another contract with the department, West Glendive Fire Department will no longer respond to grass fires, haystack, home or any other fires in the county. We will continue to serve the West Glendive Fire District.

The commissioners tell us they don’t have the money in their budget to pay for a new contract with West Glendive. The commissioners tell us we need a Fire District. The voters from the county through this last petition seemed to say they didn’t need our department’s help and the State tells us that we can only fight grass fires with the contract that we are currently under. That is why I say we are caught in the middle. We can’t start another petition because we are not registered voters in the proposed Fire District. The State of Montana tells us what fires we can fight and the Commissioners tell us they won’t be able to give us another contract.

This is what I do know, the cost to have a new Fire District. If you are paying $20 now you will be paying $60 with the New District. So, take a look at your tax statement and see just how little you pay for fire protection. I also know the only way a new Fire District can be formed. There will have to be another petition that comes from you the people that will be impacted by not having a district. The most important and scary and sad part that I do know, is after June 30, 2019 when you call 911 the West Glendive Fire Department will not be paged out to save your grass, your crops, your equipment, your homes and that will be a very sad day for our department because our firefighters train and give up their lives to protect yours.

For more information please contact your County Commissioner or us at the West Glendive Fire Department.

Don’t put us in the middle.


Randy Frank