A fool is born every minute

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Dear Editor:

Democrats believe regaining power by impeachment will solve all our problems. Not true. Russia, China, Iran and North Korea will remain a threat. Not even Hillary’s reset button can stop the race for World domination.

Never Trumpers dispise the President for crossing the DMZ to meet with a Dictator. They believe Trump is a Dictator, and Dictators eliminate the opposition in their country. Were that true, the haters would no longer be here. Maybe Trump isn’t a Dictator after all. Diplomacy and common sense tell you, never poke your enemy in the eye with a sharp stick, then recoil in anger and revenge when he attacks you. Keep him close so you can monitor his actions and intent.

Liberals were highly insulted that Trump held a military tribute on the 4th of July. They sneered in disgust, even though Democrats Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Kennedy held military tributes while in office.

The Obama’s will never endorse Joe Biden. They prefer a young, progressive woman of color to an old, white male dinosaur. Joe lacks conviction. You should never apologize for your values, doing the right thing or standing on moral principle in lieu of the office you hold.

Socialists are lying. Medicare for all is not about the health or welfare of migrants. It is about increasing the cash flow to big Pharmacutical companies, in which many Democrats and ultra-rich are heavily invested. It will swamp medical facilities, double down on doctor workload, plummet the quality of care, deductables will soar and patient wait time will increase. Not unlike the perils of Obama Care.

P.T. Barnum was right, a fool is born every minute, and many of them have a voice in Congress.


Marian Keller