Former Buc misses Glendive, ready in Tulsa

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Simon Falokun

Former Dawson Community College big man Simon Falokun has moved on from Glendive to continue his playing career at Tulsa University. Although Falokun no longer spends his time in Glendive, the impact he left lasts.

Falokun averaged 15.5 points and nearly 10 rebounds at DCC last season. He was also a NJCAA Honorable Mention All-American. What sets him aside from others though is his personality. Falokun is one of the most tenderhearted and caring individuals and humble is an understatement when it comes to him.

“We were all helping out for The Hike for Hope and we had a baby that was staying with us at the time, and I’ll just never forget Simon reaching to grab and hold her and putting her on his lap. This big guy I don’t know if he’s ever held a baby in his life. This 6-9 giant is holding this tiny little baby in his hands and just smiling so big,” Dawson’s men’s basketball coach Joe Peterson said of one his first memories of Falokun.

While every coach and player on DCC last season will remember Falokun fondly, his impact goes deeper than that. Falokun was always willing to help those in need, and he served over 40 hours of community service last year.

“He was just so positive and pleasant and had a great sense of humor ... Always said ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no ma’am’ and ‘thank you ma’am.’ It’s always such a treat when you get to work with kids that are respectful and kind,” Kara Schultz said about her experiences with Falokun, who helped her move a lot of equipment to open her store The Kirke Kollective.

“Last season in Glendive I really felt as if the community service had a lasting impact on me. Not only bonding with my teammates but also being able to help my community,” Falokun said in a recent interview.

“There is a lot to miss about Glendive. I miss how tightly-knit the community is and how everyone is rooting for your success.” Falukon said.

“I always thank God that I ended up going to Dawson Community College,” Falokun said. He added that he misses the community and would like to send a shout out to the DCC men’s basketball team, Glendive Alliance church and DCC.

The Tulsa Hurricanes open their season on Nov.

2. In their sixth game of the season they play the #6 team in the country the Nevada Wolfpack. Nevada made a trip to the Sweet Sixteen last year only to be ousted by the tournament’s Cinderella, the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers losing by one point.

Tulsa has 23 televised games this season if you would like to see Falokun’s progression. The Tulsa Hurricanes are projected to finish in the same area as SMU, Cincinnati, Wichita State and Uconn in the American Conference. All of these teams are in the running annually to get a NCAA tournament bid. Don’t be surprised if Folukun’s team cracks the list of teams to do just that this season.

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“Last season in Glendive I really felt as if the community service had a lasting impact on me,”
Simon Falokun