Glendive native joins Ranger for summer

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Chris Deverell photo

Glendive native Hunter Herbaugh has joined the Ranger-Review as a general assignment and features reporter for the summer before returning to finish school at University of Montana - Missoula.

Bon Jovi once made a lot of money singing “Who says you can’t go home?” and he might have been on to something.

It can be tough moving away for school, and sometimes it can be even more difficult moving back home for work. But for Glendive resident and the Ranger-Review’s summer intern Hunter Herbaugh, moving home for work has been an easy transition.

Herbaugh is currently a senior journalism major at University of Montana – Missoula, serving as a features and general assignment reporter with the Ranger.

Thus far, Herbaugh says that working at the paper has lived up to his expectations, and perhaps being from Glendive helps, but he also credits his classes in school for helping him hit the ground running.

For Herbaugh, journalism wasn’t his first choice in school, though it’s grown to become something he’s glad he made the transition to.

“I was a political science major for a little bit and I took some journalism courses on the side, and I just hated poli-sci,” Herbaugh said. “I was there for about a year and a half, and I just realized I hated it so much but I was having a lot of fun in my journalism courses, so I switched over and have been enjoying it ever since.”

And it seems fitting that for someone who grew up in a big family that likes “to know what’s going on”, he would make the transition to journalism. Herbaugh always liked to be in the know, now he gets to write about it and share it with others.

While he enjoys many of the aspects of a being involved in the news industry, Herbaugh said his favorite thing about working as a reporter is the ability it offers him to engage with others discover unique and interesting stories.

“I always like to go out and hear other peoples stories. I generally like feature stories, just finding someone who’s doing something,” Herbaugh said. “It’s nice to get a little window into other people’s lives and to how their lives are and see what’s going on with them.”

Despite being from Glendive, Herbaugh said that working at the paper, and working as a journalist in general has helped him engage with his community in a new way.

He gets recognized around town on a frequent basis, usually with people coming up to him saying, “Aren’t you Sherry’s kid?, aren’t you Lori’s kid?” in reference to his grandmother and mother. While out on an assignment at the Frontier Gateway Museum, he even ran into his grandfather who happened to be there at the same time.

And while he’s not working, Herbaugh said he likes to do what any other Glendive resident does, going out with friends, catching a movie and just “paling around.”

Though school starts back up again in August, Herbaugh said he plans to make the most of his time with the Ranger, gaining the crucial practical experience of working in a newsroom and out in the field.

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