Go back to the Bible before it’s too late

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Go back to the Bible before it’s too late

Dear Editor,

I disagree with statements made in Avis Anderson’s column This & That on President Trump being acrimonious and mysogynist. Statistics prove different. Her statements are merely an echo of Hillary Clinton and the extreme hatred on the Democratic left who hang labels on others that cannot be proven or disproven.

President Trump is not responsible for the plight of women over the centuries, nor is he responsible for poor parenting practices that fail to teach children respect for others and their differences.

If being human is a crime, we are all guilty. To condem President Trump for past behavior while jumping to the defence of those in your own party who have committed the same infraction is beyond hypocritical. Many in the Democratic party, past and present, have comitted the same wrong doing. Thomas Jefferson, Jack Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and lest we forget, Bill Clinton. Were their crimes any less offensive against women?

Democrats immediately come to the defence of their own, dismissing the crimes of anti-semitism, filthy accusations and lies, all the while condeming the Republicans, Conservatives and the right.

If Scripture tells us to love our neighbor, not pass judgement, bear false witness or covet what others have, is that meant only for Republicans, excluding Democrats? If so, its no wonder our country is divided and so filled with hate. I believe it is up to all of us, clergy included, to stop this condemnation of those we disagree with and to go back to Bible teaching before its too late.


Marian Keller