Grab your popcorn, the show has begun

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Grab your popcorn, the show has begun

Dear Editor:

Watching the Rogues Gallery of Democratic hopefuls unfold is like watching a 3-D movie of the Stooges without the paper glasses. Your eyes blur, your head swims and you become slightly nauseous. The ho-hum dialog is boring and uninspiring. Merely an echo of movies past. Impeach, impeach, impeach!

The failed Mueller report left the door ajar for Democrats to sift through the witch hunt leavings for tidbits of refuse to use against the President. If two and a half years, four thorough investigations and millions of dollars spent found nothing criminal, what more can they uncover? Mueller has proven himself nothing more than a Hillary supporter and Trump hater.

President Trump may be rude, crude and abrasive, however, that is hardly grounds for impeachment or jail time. Explain how lies, rumors, inuendos and hearsay are high crimes and misdemeanors I want concrete proof of crimes committed, not hateful rhetoric and lip service. Back it up or shut up! I’m weary of liars, name calling and filthy accusations from you who wish to see this country fail.

I believe the past two and a half years of Trash Trump is nothing more than revenge and payback for what Republicans and Conservatives did to the Clintons. Hillary was the last hope for One World Order until Trump derailed the train of destruction.

The upcomming presidential nominations, debates and election is scheduled to be quite a show. Grab your cool drink, popcorn and settle into a comfy spot, the show has already begun.

Marian Keller