Group does not have to register

Dear Editor:

 In regards to an article in the Ranger Review dated April 26, 2018 written by Jamie Ausk Crisafulli. I believe the article to be incorrect as the vote no people do not have to register as a Ballet Issue Committee. As per conformation from Jaime MacNaughton, Chief Legal Counsel for the Office of the Commissioner of Political Practices, “If two or more people participated in making the sign and posting it on your property, then you might have formed an incidental ballot issue committee, but only if the sign cost you $250 or more” . Note sign is singular not plural. There are no vote no signs worth $250. Also in the article is stated that “The state agency tasked with monitoring and enforcing campaign practices in Montana as of Monday had no knowledge of the political sign issues in Glendive”. This statement contradicts an article in the Ranger Review dated April 22, 2018 which states “Mitchell said his office had been contacted by the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices office concerning political sign rules and law enforcement has been working to make sure posted political signs are within the law”.


Gerald Kuntz