Hillary’s list of excuses


Dear Editor:

Hillary’s list of excuses has gotten longer. She believes middle class, married white women, who vote conservative Republican, and who take advice from their bosses, husbands and sons on who to vote for is the cause. Excuse me Hillary, had you taken advice from your boss and husband, you might just be our new President.

The mantra of the Democratic Party has hit a new low. NY Mayor Como, Nancy Pelosi. Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders muscled their way into the peaceful protest in DC flanked by armed guards who elbowed kids aside, to chant gun control and blame the NRA for the Florida shootings. How hypocrytical to manipulate and politicize the protest. Shame on them!

Nancy Pelosi thinks the proto-type walls are too high. She can’t see over them. She says all that is needed is to mow the grass along the border. Pardon me Nancy, but isn’t the land in questions along our southern border desert? Little grass grows there, and what does is sparse. Illegals would have to be pretty short to hide in that grass. And Nancy, how tall are the walls around your secure, gated community? Bet your armed guards have a hard time seeing those pesky intruders climbing over your walls too.

Oprah says she is thinking of running for President in 2020. She says she believes white people are the problem. Any white person with ties to ancestors who kept slaves need to die. Don’t know about you, but it will take more than a bit of urging by my boss, husband or son for me to vote for a candidate plotting my death because I was born white.

The pure hypocrisy and insult by these frauds would be laughable if not for their elitist gall and insensitivity. But fools names and fools faces always appear in public places. Guess our elected officials aren’t immune to social buffoonery.

Marian Keller