Hodges News

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Last Wednesday we had all that snow to plow through and we were not used to that much snow. Barry drove down and made tracks on my road with his pick-up that morning. When I left for town, my road 300 had not been plowed out and that was bad driving through. Tana and Kirby had another good dinner at their home. The group included Amanda and children Alonna, Blake and Braxton and a friend of Amanda’s Jill from Missoula, Brooke and I. Christmas is a time for eating and that is what we have been doing. Dennis had all ready flew back to Ohio. By the time I went home late that afternoon, my road 300 had been plowed.

-----Amanda and children left Friday for their home in Ohio. Brooke and her friend Jill also left for Missoula. Tana and Kirby had a very quiet home with everyone gone.

-----Barry was over again on Thursday, he has the snowplow working. Therefore, my road will be cleared soon.

- - - - -

Friday afternoon, we helped Martha C. celebrate her birthday at CC’s Restaurant. A good chocolate cake with chocolate frosting made by CC’s Restaurant was served to the many guests. Martha received many lovely cards. She donated her birthday money to the Food Bank.

- - - - -

The Good Friend’s Women will be having supper Friday, Jan. 11, 2019 at the Mexican Restaurant. Hope our weather will be nice so we can be out that night.

- - - - -

In my search for people that had lived at Hodges in the early years I found Thore Usmundsen Hamre (at Hodges, he was known as Tom). He was born in 1873 in Norway to Usmund Thoresen and Anna Olsdatter. Tom married Dordei Olsdatter (Dorothy) and they sailed to America in 1890. They bought land near Hodges and raised cattle. Dorothy died in 1946. Tom went back to Norway in 1955. He died in 1959 and buried in Wibaux Cemetery.