Hodges News

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Saturday evening, Barry, Georgette and I went to the VFW Club for steak supper. We had our usually good meal. The cooks knew how to cook steaks. Kirby met us there and bought our supper. Tana is on vacation to Captive Island. In addition, Wes and JoJo Hagen and Tana’s granddaughter, Alonna from Ohio are there with Tana. It has been raining for a couple days but now the weather is better. They are enjoying going to State Land to see all the seashells, watching the dolphins near the docks and all the other fun things on the island.

- - - - -

Sunday, Barry was over to plow my road and after that, it rains some. Now we have an ice road. Aaron came over to help me with a few things. I have been cleaning out my family history room of papers filling the garbage for Aaron to take out.