Horse Creek sounds like a great deal

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Horse Creek sounds like a great deal

Dear Editor:

A Montana ranch family permanently protects its land, and hunters get access to excellent mule deer, antelope and bird hunting. It sounds like a great deal, and in fact the Horse Creek conservation easement really was a great example of hunters and ranchers working together to benefit both sides.

The Stenson family worked with Montana FWP for two years to iron out aconservation easement with strict provisions that lay out a grazing plan, other management as well as 600 hunter days of public access per year. In return, hunters through the Habitat Montana program help fund the easement.

We’re glad to pay for this easement because it protects what all Montanans value – open space, important habitat and equal hunting opportunity for everyone.

It’s too bad that three members of the state Land Board don’t share these

basic principles, or for that matter won’t even let a landowner make choices for their land. Thank goodness Gov. Bullock saw this project through and got it done. It really does benefit all of us, and helps keep Montana, Montana.


Ryan Nottestad