Independence Day is the perfect opportunity to pray for our president

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Conservative views

It is true, the 2016 presidential election was altered by forces colluding to impose their will over the electorate. However, rather than Russians the colluders were Americans, but their plan backfired when the great unwashed chose Donald Trump over the ruling class candidate. This was not the first time colluders plotted to steer our republic away from the limited government principles which made America great. Here is the collusion the media ignores.

In 2008, patriots feared President Obama might imprison our nation with the socialist programs upon which he campaigned. He did. Ordinary Americans rose to the challenge and became constitutional advocates. Unlike today’s violent Antifa protests, their Tea Party rallies were punctuated with prayer, patriotic music and motivational speakers heralding the wisdom of America’s founders. Previously politically complacent men and women created neighborhood patriot organizations and as the liberty movement grew, they encountered resistance from the Internal Revenue Service. Tax exempt status and frivolous audits were granted, delayed or imposed based upon an organization’s political beliefs. Ironically, the IRS, funded by taxpayers, colluded to silence taxpayers.

After 242 years, a War for Independence, the Civil War, two World Wars and numerous other military conflicts, our great republic now finds itself trapped in its second Civil war. In this conflict, the mainstream media, academia, Democrats, GOP Never-Trumpers, Hollywood elitists, climate changers and the perpetually indoctrinated are viciously attacking the one person standing between them and their proposed socialist utopia—President Donald Trump. Mister Trump was not my presidential candidate of choice, but his courage under fire has convinced me at this time, he is the man for the job. The attacks on his character are relentless and ridiculous. From the Russian collusion illusion to the charges President Trump’s policies are ripping children from the arms of arrested illegal immigrants it is obvious the first casualty in America’s second Civil War is the truth. The ruling class will do or say anything to resist President Trump’s attempts to repair the damage done to our republic by his predecessor.

Previously, I have suggested patriots read our Declaration of Independence aloud at Fourth of July celebrations, but we should do more. Because our president is under unmerciful attack by truly evil forces, Independence Day is the perfect time to pray for him, his family, his administration and American liberty.

Krayton Kerns is veterinarian in Laurel, Mont., and a former Republican representative in the Montana State Legislature. He can be reached at .