Irigoin is fair, hardworking

Irigoin is fair, hardworking

Dear Editor:

Dawson County needs Brett Irigoin to continue as Dawson County Attorney. I have known and worked with Brett for many years. His commitment to accountability and community safety is something we both share. As the head prosecutor for Dawson County, Brett takes his role very seriously and works hard to hold people accountable for their criminal actions. At the same time, he also looks at criminal cases and evaluates what is a reasonable and just outcome for both the individual and the community.

The County Attorney not only prosecutes criminal cases but offers legal advice to certain civil and policy matters. Mr. Irigoin offers sound legal advice for my office as we deal with the Department of Corrections and our contract for the regional prison. He has been very accessible and knowledgeable. He has received specialized training in drug investigations that benefit him when he prosecutes violators. Brett is a strong advocate in addressing the drug addiction/drug crime problem that this county as well as the nation are experiencing. Three words describe Mr. Irigoin from my time with him: knowledgeable, fair and hardworking. Please join me supporting Brett Irigoin as Dawson County Attorney.


Ross Canen