Irigoin is the right choice


To the citizens of Dawson County:

I have been a law enforcement officer for 40 years with 37 of those years as a criminal investigator. I have served with the Montana Division of Criminal Investigation as a Narcotics Agent for 23 years, with the last 16 as a Supervisory Agent. In that capacity I supervise Agents and oversee investigations in the eleven Southeastern Montana counties that make up the Eastern Montana Drug Task Force which includes Dawson County.

Dawson County has been on the cutting edge of prosecuting Dangerous Drug violations for eastern Montana. Brett Irigoin has dealt with many complicated investigations as both the Dawson County Attorney and as Deputy Dawson County Attorney. Brett Irigoin has the actual experience and training to prosecute the criminal violators in Glendive and Dawson County. I know from personal experience Brett Irigoin is dedicated to protecting the citizens of Dawson County.

Brett is always available to support investigators with legal advice, assistance in obtaining court orders and of course prosecuting the violators.

Dawson County Attorney Brett Irigoin has always been readily available often times late at night and on weekends, to provide legal guidance or assist in preparing Search Warrants and other court orders to see that offenders are restrained from harming the citizens of Dawson County.

I believe that it is in the best interest of Dawson County to elect Brett Irigoin as County Attorney. He is proven to be intelligent, fair, hard-working and a dedicated advocate for the citizens of Dawson County. I hope you agree with me and continue to allow Brett Irigoin continue to serve as the Dawson County Attorney.

Jeffrey E. Faycosh

Miles City, MT