Jefferson was educated

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Jefferson was educated

Dear Editor:

For those of your readers who follow Klayton Kerns, one of his statements needs some clarification. He implies in his last op ed that Thomas Jefferson received all his education through reading on his own. A little research would show the following: He was a great reader and self-taught in many areas, but Jefferson was placed in school by his father at age 5 years. When he was 9 he went to a Latin School where he also learned Greek and French. Early in 1758, he began a classical education. When he was seventeen, in 1760, he entered the college of William and Mary in Virginia. After two years of study he continued his education by studying for the law for 7 years. In his day, men of his wealth and status received what is called “a gentlemen’s education” which did not require a degree. Jefferson was an advocate of education for all at the public expense.

Avis Anderson