KGLE welcomes new manager

Sunday, September 16, 2018
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Justin Vander Veur

Christian radio has had an impact on Justin Vander Veur beginning with his childhood days listening to it at home in Pennsylvania, and now he hopes to make an impact on the medium as he assumes the responsibility of manager at Glendive’s Christian radio station, KGLE.

Vander Veur brings a wide variety of experience to KGLE. He has worked as a newscaster at a Christian radio station similar to the Glendive station, but has also been a history teacher and coach, a member of the George W. Bush White House staff and, most recently, a financial planner in Texas.

“I’ve always been interested in news…and I’ve always enjoyed radio,” he noted.

Vander Veur, his wife Laura Beth and infant son Joshua arrived in Glendive Aug. 19, the day before she started work in the Glendive schools where she is teaching sixth grade math and eighth grade STEM.

“It’s been an interesting ride the last couple weeks,” he noted.

While his wife jumped into her new position right away, he had a week to settle in before starting work at KGLE. An Aug. 22 open house celebrating the station’s 56th birthday, gave him a chance to meet people from the community and introduce himself to the Friends of Christian Radio, he said.

As manager of the station, Vander Veur hopes to continue the rich history of proclaiming the good news which has been established over the years. He is enjoying learning to know other staff members and impressed with the number of them who have long tenures at the station.

“Their knowledge is helpful,” he noted, adding, that as he moves into his new position, he recognizes that he is standing on the shoulders of all the people who worked to establish a Christian radio presence in Eastern Montana and have supported it over the years.

Vander Veur and his wife met while both were working in Washington, D.C. After leaving the federal government work, he went into broadcasting, then the two reconnected and he moved to north Texas where she was in school, he said.

When she finished school, it seemed like a good time to make a move and try something new. She encouraged him to look at radio and he reached out to KGLE when he saw the manager position advertised on a Christian radio job board, he said.

After talking to Jim McBride and some Friends of Christian Radio board members, they decided to move to Glendive. The offer of a teaching position for his wife helped seal their decision, he noted.

While he is from Pennsylvania and she grew up in Oklahoma, both have experienced life in metropolitan and rural settings and are looking forward to connecting with the Glendive community and exploring the area. They have been impressed with the welcome they have received.

“There is something to be said for a slower pace of life,” he said.

His wife is from the South which is known for its hospitality, but he has always told her that there is hospitality in the North also, and Glendive has definitely lived up to that, he said, noting that while they arrived at the end of summer with no chance to put in a garden, they have been enjoying a bounty of produce from other people’s gardens.

As Vander Veur begins his work at KGLE, he considers himself fortunate to have mentors from his previous experience in Christian radio and from long-time station manager McBride.

“It’s nice to learn from someone of his stature,” he said, noting that he hopes to build on the solid tradition of listener-supported Christian radio that has been established over the years.

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