Krayton’s column has to go

Krayton’s column has to go

Dear editor:

Krayton Kerns doesn’t have the imagination, discipline or guts to write the novel he so craves to write. Instead, he writes safe little columns about his folksy veterinary practice , his divinely gifted cowboy persona and his enviable trophy wife.

It’s always so predictable. First the bait, then the switch: any person with opposing views is a person driven by an “ideology founded in hatred.” Only HIS view is acceptable, that we are a “divinely inspired constitutional republic,” not a nation founded on the rule of law. Any other point of view has a hidden agenda, which is to turn this country into a Marxist Satanist society of “bondage.”


By running his columns week after week after week the Ranger Review is by default condoning this type of inflammatory rhetoric. I guess is takes up space and doesn’t cost anything to run. But it does. It costs us all. It normalizes bigotry, falsehoods and hate-mongering and stifle constructive discourse that COULD uncover common ground and benefit ALL citizens of this country. Not just folksy divinely ordained Montana Cowboys

Christy Wert