Krayton’s column makes sense

Krayton’s column makes sense

Dear Editor,

Please don’t get rid of Dr. Kerns. His articles are the only ones that make sense. Some people don’t want to hear the truth.

From what I’ve gathered over the years is each side has their own ideology and thinks their view is the only acceptable one. It is too bad more people in this great country don’t realize that this is a divinely inspired Constitutional Republic, and the Constitution IS the rule of law! That’s what makes America the country every one wants to come to.

I think the hidden agenda which will turn the USA into a marxist society is the New World Order that many of our past and present leaders talk about. Check it out, do you want to live like the people in Russia?

Since Dr. Kerns is the only conservative point of view in the Ranger Review, I look forward to reading it. I do not see anything inflammatory, bigoted, hateful or false in his articles. Keep it coming.


Doris Storlie