Kudos to Knudson

Saturday I got my newspaper out of the tube and read the school board was considering changing the DCHS mascot. WHAT??!! Holy fourth of July weinie roast. What are the pack of silly fools thinking of? What’s wrong with The Red Devils? The best name I’ve ever heard for a team mascot. A sculpture of three dogs is what started this cockeyed idea? The more they talked about it, the more it grew on them? The Dawson County Red Rovers? Our school mascot named after a schoolyard game? They were in the midst of trying to finalize a name or breed and by then I was incredulous and didn’t know what to think. Then I read the last sentence. What a relief. I was giggling for some time after. Kudos to Knudson.

Actually I was much calmer as I read it but still disapproving.

Eliese Hrubes