Leave highway markers alone

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Dear Editor, The markers stand beside the road in the location of a fatality, they are not a memorial marker. They are placed, maintained by members of the American Legion. The purpose of the marker is to reminde motorists that driving can be dangerous, people need to be aware of their surroundings make sure they are driving cautiously, and maintaining safe speeds. According to www.mtlegion.org. The program was started in 1952, {with an agreement with the Department of Transportation} and is intended as a highway safety program. They are a sobering reminder of a fatal accident, a place where a human being lost their life. In the last few years the American Legion Department Highway Fatality Marker Chairman has been cracking down on items being placed on and around the fatality markers. Each post in Montana is responsible for putting up markers and maintaining them, in their area. The website goes on to say “when a highway is reconstructed and corrects what may have been a problem” all markers are removed. Therefore people will notice those markers are gone. On the back of the marker should be a sticker that says “Property of the American Legion.” Please do not decoate, write on, or place names on the face of the marker, or post. When entering Montana, there are Blue Signs that the Department of Transportation has put up, saying the white markers represent highway fatalities and ar maintained by the American Legion of Montana. The Department of Transportation made the rules, and the American Legion follows them. This means that each America Legion Post is responsible for their area. The American Legion is the only agency responsible for the markers.

Sincerely, Karon Kougioulis, {post 42 Townsend} American Legion Fatality Marker Chairman Townsend, Mont.