Letter headline was misleading

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Letter headline was misleading

Dear Editor:

Due to the header “Krayton Must Go” I feel misrepresented and that my message got lost in my letter of May 6. I never once ask for the RR to discontinue Kerns’ column.Those are the words somebody at RR chose to lead my letter. By choosing those words, the Ranger baited the reader before they got to the content of the letter. (The irony is not lost on me.) I expressed my opinion that there are better ways to get a conservative point of view across than the bait & switch tactics of Kerns. I described (with quotes) how Kern’s column stifles constructive discourse with name calling and loses the chance of finding common ground. I encourage discourse from all sides.

The Ranger Review wrote the words “Krayton must go.” I did not.

Christy Wert