Letter writer is misinformed sadly

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Letter writer is misinformed sadly

Dear Editor,

In response to a letter from Larry Condon, I find it odd you didn’t mention anything about the Green New Deal, other than give us your liberal Democratic stance on what all Socialists deem the failing of our President. Did you even read my letter? I clearly stated that AOC and Bernie Sanders were selling Democratic Socialism, NOT ME.

I also stated what Democracy is and what Socialism stands for that eventually evolves into a totalitarian DICTATORSHIP. Nowhere in my letter did I mention all Democrats are Socialists. My Father was a Democrat.

As to why I have given over control of my life to someone who clearly doesn’t deserve it, supporting your Democratic Republic form of government and duly elected President is not giving up your power over your own life, it is having respect for the Constitution and showing Patriotism for your country.

I respect the fact that you served your country honorably, and you are entitled to your opinion even if wrong, but I feel you are sadly misinformed and need to consider the entire body of a letter, not just cherry-pick what you chose to be offended by.


Marilyn Keller