Local students contribute to CHS’ Harvest for Hunger

Thursday, April 11, 2019

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Ms. Berg’s kindergartners at Jefferson Elementary School brought in the most food of any elementary classroom during the Harvest for Hunger food drive. The class donated 438 pounds of food.

In March students at Lincoln and Jefferson elementary schools joined forces to donate a mountain of food to feed the hungry. The program is part of the Cenex Harvest States Harvest for Hunger, which works directly with the Dawson County Food Bank.

CHS employee and program organizer Kalli Fowler was impressed with the sheer amount of food donated.

“This year’s been the best food wise,” Fowler explained, citing over one ton of non perishable food received from the two schools. Lincoln Elementary raised 650 pounds and Jefferson brought in a whopping 1,800 pounds.

A class from each school that brought the most food earned a pizza party, according to Fowler.

The highest earning classes were Ms. Berg’s kindergarten class from Jefferson, which brought in 438 pounds, and Mrs. Milne’s 4th grade class from Lincoln, which brought in 172 pounds.

The food drive partnership with CHS started in 2013. Since then the schools have stayed pretty consistent in their numbers.

Dawson County Food Bank manager Amber McPherson was very happy with this year’s donations and the help it provides to the organization.

“It’s huge,” McPherson said. “I mean 2,000 pounds of food, our shelves are stocked plus we have boxes in the back.”

McPherson called this food drive their biggest drive of the She went on to say that these donations help out immensely.

According to McPherson, there are at least 180 families on average that use the food bank’s grocery service month to month.

“That doesn’t count the daily ones,” McPherson said, who referred to people who step in the front section of the food bank to grab a quick morsel here and there.

The average number of families receiving the grocery service has increased by about 25 since McPherson took on her position a year and a half ago.

All in all, donations remain a vital part of the county food bank as the numbers of families needing assistance seem to keep growing, and any amount helps.

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