Matt Rosendale is an honorable man

Monday, October 8, 2018

Matt Rosendale is an honorable man

Dear Editor,

I am voting for Matt Rosendale for US Senate and this is why.

Never in the history of our country has our two main political parties been so far apart. From abortion (democrats want abortion legal up to birth) to gun control (democrats want to take away our right to self-defense) to illegal immigration (democrats want to allow anyone to come into our country no matter who they are or what they want to do to our country) the parties are opposite on every issue. Matt supports life from conception, our right to self-defense and protecting our borders.

The Democrats have labeled the voters who elected President Trump as deplorable and other derogatory names. But look at their actions. Just recently they made a mockery and circus out of the judiciary process. The Democrat leadership brought in paid protesters to disrupt the proceedings. Democrat senators convicted Judge Kavanaugh without any proof that he had done anything wrong. Even before these allegations came up they questioned Kavanaugh’s character in such a way his parents were in tears and his little girls had to be removed from the hearing. Matt has denounced the tactics used by the democrats and believes in “innocent until proven guilty”.

Our Democrat Senator has not denounced the actions of his party. But why would he? He has tried to obstruct President Trump every step of the way. He spread lies, dragging Admiral Ronnie Jackson’s name through the mud, with no evidence. It seems like he is in step with the way the Democrat party is being run. He has the mentality of “guilty until proven innocent” and has said he will not vote for Judge Kavanaugh even though he has never visited with him. Matt has said he would support Judge Kavanaugh, not because of who picked him, but because he is a highly qualified and experienced judge.

Enough is enough. Montanans do not approve of these smear tactics. We expect our elected legislators to act in truthful and honorable ways. Our Democrat Senator has failed to serve in an honorably way. He has not been an example of Montana values. Tester has been in Washington too long and it is time to retire him.

Matt Rosendale is an honorable man who will make Montana proud. Matt believes in “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. I will be voting for Matt Rosendale for US Senate and urge you to do the same.

Vote for Montana values--Vote Matt Rosendale.

Beth Hinebauch