McCain joined in death by independent media

Sunday, September 9, 2018
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Senator John McCain passed away August 25, 2018 but a more devastating loss simultaneously occurred with the passing of America’s independent news media. McCain’s death will saturate the news cycle for days, but nothing about the second death will be reported, broadcasted or downloaded. The media has morphed from independent reporters into progressive propagandists purposely focusing your attention on one single aspect of Senator McCain’s story.

Thanks to this bias, much of Senator McCain’s life remains a question mark. He could have been a courageous naval aviator who was shot down and captured while serving freedom’s cause in the skies over Vietnam. He could have been an obstinate POW who suffered physical abuse from his captors rather than divulge sensitive information. He could have been the hot-dog pilot who negligently wet-started his F-4 Skyhawk on the deck of the USS Forrestal sparking a chain reaction of explosions which claimed the lives of 134 American sailors. He could have been the cooperative POW who gained his captor’s favor by recording anti-American propaganda broadcasts. He could have been a corrupt member of the Keating Five who profited from crony capitalism. The truth is, we do not know Senator McCain’s complete story and never will because the media has abandoned their post. The propagandists prefer you to glowingly remember Senator McCain as the bipartisan maverick because he saved Obamacare, the Democrat’s flagship socialist legislation. This brings me to my point.

You are being manipulated. Our American republic is a participatory system of governance steered by conscientious, well-informed voters but the main-stream media only reports what fits the radical progressive template. Worse yet, this dangerous morphing is now three generations deep, so journalists no longer even recognize their inherent bias. Answer me this: Where are concerned voters going to find untarnished information upon which to base governing decisions? Certainly not the mainstream media as they have less credibility than the FBI or DOJ. Must we turn to Facebook and Twitter for reliable news? I think not.

The death of the independent media threatens America; a truth I recognize after serving in Montana’s House. Denying my point does not make it less true so consider this: Should President Trump die after making America great again with double-digit GDP growth, full employment and reduction of our national debt, do you expect a single media anchor to speak glowingly of his public service? No, because according to their template he is a racist, sexist, fascist, bigoted homophobe.

Krayton Kerns is veterinarian in Laurel, Mont., and a

former Republican representative in the Montana State Legislature. He can be reached at