Mixing religion with politics are subjects not to be avoided

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Conservative views

As it is Easter, and this is a political column, I will mix religion with politics; controversial subjects best not avoided and here is why. Political beliefs affect how you spend your time on earth, while your religious beliefs affect how you spend your time in eternity. Both are biggies and deserve discussion, so here we go.

In Romans 13.7, the apostle Paul reveals how citizens should obey and respect governmental authorities. Leaders are God’s ministers and “render therefore all to their dues: Tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor.” This letter was written when Rome reigned supreme and its ink was barely dry before Caesar’s ruling class began feeding Christians to the lions. Back then, being a believer was not easy; only worth it.

Fast-forward 17 centuries to when God revealed his idea called America. Romans 13.7 still applies, but in the context of selfgovernance. By divine guidance, Thomas Jefferson along with other founders, published the novel thought that all men are created equal, with our Creator endowing each of us with an inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The primary and only function of this new, revolutionary government was to secure those rights and then only after obtaining the consent of the governed. Freedom for all, natural rights and self-governance were incomprehensible in a world previously ruled by the raw power of kings and emperors. America was, and remains, God’s great exception to the status quo. The principles in our Declaration of Independence coupled with the restraint placed on government by the Constitution produced incredible prosperity. America is truly exceptional, and she became the tool God uses to promote goodness and relieve human suffering around the world.

Sadly, both this great nation and Christianity are under attack and for the same reason. To implement collectivism and control the unwashed, God must be removed from the equation. Government is then promoted as the source of the imaginary rights to things such as healthcare, affordable housing and a basic universal income. The difference between these and natural rights from our Creator, is that government can only give what it first steals from someone else and this brings me to my point. They are wrong, God is great and so is America. Happy Easter!

Krayton Kerns is veterinarian in Laurel, Mont., and a former Republican representative in the Montana State Legislature. He can be reached at drkerns@rbbmt.org.