Not-so-reasonable debate

Thursday, September 13, 2018
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Conservative views

Last week, the trophy wife and I tossed our four mini-Kernses in the Ranger and drove through the back pasture checking cows. We haven’t had cows since 2001 but the ritual gets everyone out of the house. Back home, we all piled out and began gathering windfall pears from the lawn. One-year-old Conor mashed a pear into his mouth and before we could stop him the little yearling swallowed three and was clawing the grass for more. We scooped him up triggering the Mount Rushmore of tantrums so let’s leave him in timeout while I appear to change subjects.

Boiled down, capitalism versus socialism is freedom versus free-stuff and here is the truth. America is founded on liberty and limited government because our nation’s framers did not trust unrestrained government. However, they recognized a thriving free-market economy required a framework under which to operate, so they granted limited, specific and enumerated powers to the central authority. The First Amendment begins “Congress shall pass no law…” thereby setting the tone for the next nine. Demonstrating timeless brilliance, America’s framers concluded their work with the Tenth Amendment explaining any overlooked power is retained by the states or the people. Every public official at every level pledge their allegiance to this national rulebook, the Constitution; an oath progressives quickly ignore.

Capitalists believe in equality of opportunity knowing under free-market influences a diverse populace will have winners and losers. Self-discipline and diligence improve your chances of success.

To the contrary, socialists believe in equality of outcome with government equalizing everyone’s stuff regardless their talent, desire or dedication. Progressivism promotes covetousness with the ruling class convincing the unwashed they are entitled to their neighbor’s stuff. Leftists have swapped God and His Tenth Commandment for big government, greed and envy.

Here is the data: American capitalism has been a phenomenal success, but socialism has failed everywhere it has been tired. Everywhere! Regardless this history, the ruling class argues socialism will be different this time and this brings me to my point.

Constitutional conservativism, following America’s founding principles, are a thinking man’s ideology, whereas socialism is based entirely on emotion. Politicians proclaiming, “American’s are entitled to single-payer healthcare, free college and a universal basic income,” sparks collectivists into a free-stuff feeding frenzy. Removing or suggesting the removal of these freebies provokes the same Mount Rushmore of tantrums as we saw when taking the pears away from Conor and from leftists opposed to Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. With no grounds upon which to base a sound argument, progressive resistors throw a fit.

Krayton Kerns is veterinarian in Laurel, Mont., and a former Republican representative in the Montana State Legislature. He can be reached at .

Constitutional conservativism, following America’s founding principles, are a thinking man’s ideology, wheras socialism is based entirely on emotion.