Open borders place us all at risk

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Open borders place us all at risk

Dear Editor:

It’s sad when people believe profanity makes them clever and brilliant. Sadder still when used to garner favor and acceptance among peers.  Shame on Michigan voters who voted in a vulgar, foul-mouthed person to represent them.

Most migrants who flee from fear and persecution leave what brought them here behind. They don’t harbor contempt for this country. They don’t teach children to despise the government and people who welcomed them. They don’t launch personal and filthy attacks against the President and those who support him. They show gratitude and respect. The elected women should have resigned, not be praised and condoned by Nancy and the Swamp Rats. This sets and awful precedent for future candidates and demeans and dishonors the office she holds. The US deserves better.

It is not election laws at fault. It is uninformed voters who chose people they know and faces they recognize, not the issues that matter and how candidates stand. It’s not always the incumbent or newbie who is most qualified. Being a seasoned official who has become complacent and self-serving, or a young vibrant progressive may not always serve the needs of the people. They need to be replaced with a candidate who knows whats best for the country.

Once we lose sight of integrity, civility and unity, we are doom to failure. Open borders and sanctuary states place us all at risk. With open borders there will no longer be a United States of America. We will be relegated to mere “earthlings” with no true country of origin. What a pathetic and frightful legacy to leave future generations.


Marian Keller