Outcry over immigrant children is misguided

Monday, July 2, 2018

Outcry over immigrant children is misguided

Dear Editor:

America is at war, between good and evil. It’s a war waged on mainstream and social media. A battle declared by Democrats, far left liberals and those who hate Donald Trump and who oppose his rule of enforcing the law of the land.

There is a call for violence, public attacks and shaming on all Trump supporters, government employees and his family members. Hollywood celebrities have called for terror tactics, kidnapping and torture of his twelve year old son, and his family is threatened daily. This is unacceptable. Why aren’t these evil people being held accountable?

There is a misguided narrative and outcry for immigrant children separated from parents while they are being vetted. Parents who were willing to trade children to drug cartels, gang members and coyotees for passage to our southern border. Parents willingly placing their childs lives in jeopardy by transporting them across dangerous terrain for thousands of miles. You say they are only seeking asylum? How do you know without proper vetting? No child should be separated from responsible parents, yet it seems these children are far better taken care of in separation than in parental care.

Thousands of children are separated from parents in the US today due to the drug epidemic, and millions of unborn children are permanently separated from Mothers by abortion. Why no sympathy for their crying?

There is a lack of respect, compassion and common sense in society today. People scream vile things at each other, and commit horrible atrocities against one another. We play to our emotions and forget what really matters. We are all human beings. We need each other to survive.

Someone recently said, God has shed a tear for what is happening at our border to immigrant children. I believe God has shed many tears for what is happening to us all.


Marian Keller