The power to keep this country great

Sunday, September 2, 2018


Dear Editor,

When President Trump says, “fake news is the enemy of the people” he is not refering to all news media outlets, per se. He is calling out reporters who attempt to misquote, misinform and mislead public opinion and sow seeds of discord to undermine and divide this country. Contrary to poplar belief, our President has the same freedoms of speech and expression afforded us all under the Constitution.

The President has a legal right to revoke security clearance on all in government who seek to use it for illegal purposes. Security clearance is a privilege, not mandated law. Only the President is guaranteed the right to security clearance under the law.

George Kolling is accurate and correct in his account of Socialism. Many on the left and in the DNC would have you believe it is the “New Democratic Socialism.” This is untrue. There is no such thing. Socialism is collective government control; one step away from Communism.

Haters want you to think Donald Trump’s infidelity is an impeachable offence, even though it took place years before he entered the presidential race. It is not. It is a private matter between he and his wife, not the concern of the voters or the public. If that were true, many former Presidents would have been impeached.

We have the power and the ability to control our destiny. If we are willing to unite for a common goal and cause, we can change what is happening. If we continue to allow those in society to attack the very foundation set forth by our ancestors they will destroy the United States. It will be a sad and shameful legacy to leave our children and grandchildren. Please voice your opinion for what is just and right in the upcoming mid-term election, and cast your vote for the most qualified and fair candidate. You have the power to keep this country great.


Marian Keller