Promises of socialism are hype and lies

Monday, March 4, 2019

Promises of socialism are hype and lies

Dear Editor,

Alexandria Orcasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders are hawking Democratic Socialism and Democrats are eagerly jumping on the bandwagon. They paint it as a wonderful Utopia offering free everything. Sound familiar? Obama touted free entitlements, but they failed to materialize.

This is nothing but hype and lies. There is no such thing as Democratic Socialism. It is an Oxymoron. Democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people. Socialism is collective government control of all production and distribution of wealth and goods, which eventually evolves into totaliarian dictatorship due to greed an absolute power of the elite oligarchy in charge, and the people become collateral damage, as in Venezuela.

AOC has cleverly crafted a Green New Deal, advocating the destruction of our economy, way of life and commerce, and arrogantly predicts the end of the world if we don’t heed her genius call. Cost is no object. She uses fear mongering to place herself in charge, usurping the authority of God. If allowed this cultish devotion to a charismatic charmer may well lead to our demise.

Democrats have become the harbinger of hate, misery and denial. Don’t doubt for a second they aren’t serious in this attempt to destroy the US. They place blame on Trump for all that goes awry, giving him undue super human powers of persuasion and control. They waste time and taxpayer money, and ignore the will of the people.

Why would any reasonable person buy into this narcissistic self-promotion and openly deceptive power grab? Why would you willingly give up the power over your own life to someone who clearly doesn’t deserve it?


Marian Keller