Reasons I support the mill levies

Reasons I support the mill levies

Dear Editor,

I am writing concerning the proposed school mill levies. I will be voting to pass them for a number of reasons. Reason number one – even though I do not have children in the school system at this time, my husband and I raised four sons in Glendive. They all are graduates of the Glendive school system. There were many people who voted yes on levies to fund education for my children even though they they did not have children in our schools at that time, so now it is my turn to support education for someone else’s children. Reason number two – when families look at relocating in a community, a strong school system is an important factor in their decision. If we want to attract families to our community we need to meet that need. Reason number three – a strong public education system is fundamental to a strong democracy. More than ever, we need citizens who have the skills to analyze and evaluate information in a thoughtful, logical manner.


Twylla McPherson